Here’s your one phone call.

I used to hate the phone. I used to be the one that was like – don’t call. Send me a text. Now, I’m desperate for human interaction

Man, am I ever glad I learned Algebra. Said no one, ever.

There’s a reason teachers spend decades honing their craft. They were cut out for meltdowns, misunderstood concepts; the patience of a teacher stretches far beyond anything I can conceivably construct in my mind. They are saints.

Should We Tell Our Partners Everything?

Lemme tell you. Shackin’ up with a mate, movin’ into his place, and suddenly you’re in lockdown when you’re only six months into this crazy little thing called love? Yep, Jan and I are there. And we are relying heavily on our friendship to tow this boat ashore, and hallelujah, we were best friends before…

Nothing but time

Jan snapped this photo last night. This was ten minutes after dinner. The pain seared between my eyes. My ankle was throbbing and burning. The back of my hand was screaming to be scratched; the hives raised and red. My stomach fluttered and surged. “I have to go to bed!” I said suddenly, “I need…

I cried on my way home from work tonight

I did. I cried in my car. I cried in my car on my way to work. And on my way home from work. And I cried in the elevator. Like. Can I just get a collective “fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck” from everyone? By the time I saw Jan’s littles, my eyes were dried and I was chasing…

So, for real, how are you?

That’s what my boss, Jacquie, asked me the other day. So, for real, how are you? And I unleashed a barrage. I said: I’m overwhelmed! We have five kids, and they each have something they need from me. My oldest is living on her own for the very first time, and in her first month,…

learn their middle name

lay back with your head against the headboard and not worry about the time. or about getting changed. or showering right away. let the hands glide over the numbers. clicking to the next minute. the next moment.

Bold like a Bird

The bird sat on the wire. Until another bird landed on the wire next to it. And I heard them chirp, and I wondered what those words and melodies would sound like in human until the first bird spread its wings and soared far away from the second bird who continued to remained perched not worried that it was now alone.

we’re all just waiting

Navigating through a Dallas Green playlist comes with all the highs and lows. You feel encouraged, and excited, and then morose, and sullen. Then you’re championing. Then you’re cheering. Then you’re worried, and sad again. Dallas Green masterfully celebrates human emotion through a few strums of his acoustic. And on today’s playlist – “Waiting”. Song…