Grammy’s 2020 – A Recap

The crowd are on their damn feet.

Lizzo just slayed her opening medley, with a flute solo, her back up ballet dancers – my god her VOICE – and kicked it off with dedicating the performance to Kobe Bryant. I’m not crying, you are.

Here’s Alicia Keys. Slowly to stage, and now addressing Kobe’s death. “The whole wide world lost a hero,” she says, “We’re here heartbroken in the house that Kobe Bryant built.” She breaks into an a cappella tribute alongside Boyz II Men. My heart is broken. “We’re going to dance together, and cry together … and love together, and celebrating the most beautiful thing in the world – and that’s music.”

Celebrating love, Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani perform “Nobody But You”. They looked better than they sounded. And then they looked at each other like no one else was in that room.

God love Billy Porter. Slaying in blue. “I’m a sucker for these Grammy-nominated brothers,” he says, introducing the Jonas Brothers.

Behind the scenes:

Do the Jonas Brothers age? Or, if they do, let’s collectively agree they age like a fine scotch.

Keith Urban navigates us back to the Australian fires. We can’t forget this is still happening.

Best Pop/Solo Performance – Lizzo – TRUTH HURTS. Omg, Lizzo, girl, this is your night. Own it.

And also this:

For reference:

Trevor Noah introduces Tyler the Creator with Boyz II Men, and Tyler introduces a dozen Tyler clones. And concludes by falling in a pit of flames. His haircut starts the Twitter rush.


YES, Dan + Shay, scooping up Best Country Duo/Group, presented by Shania Twain & Bebe Rhexxa. Adore.

Sheila E & Usher. Coordinated choreography. A medley of hits. That tribute to Prince worked. It just did.

Did he just call her CaMEah? Regardless, Camilla Cabo makes her father cry with her touching tribute.

After a ridiculously flawless performance of “Delta Dawn”, Tanya Tucker & Brandi Carlile present Best Comedy Album to Dave Chappelle. That was a weird transition.

Ariana Grande can wail. So many of her performances she relies on the backtrack to take over so she can dance. But hey, she can wail. She and the orchestra at least showcased that.

As the world gets ready for Billie Eilish, let’s not forget this.

I can’t.

I’m not buying that Aerosmith production. They super needed Run DMC. Flava Flav poppin’ up in the audience was entire mood, though.

Extra little moments from the show:

My money is on Tyler the Creator for Best Rap Album.

And, I’m correct. “Igor” takes home the Grammy tonight. YES. Tyler even brought his Creator on stage – his Mama. So sweet.

I think I can hear the girls at the Staples Centre screaming for BTS all the way here to Kingston. They join Billy Ray Cyrus & Mason Ramsey for an epic rendition of “Old Town Road” with the cowboy outlaw of the year – Lil Nas X.

Sidebar- this:

Greta Gerwig introduces the highly anticipated return of Demi Lovato since her overdose last year. Her performance starts, and she’s overcome with emotion. She starts again, and delivers an emotionally charged, brilliant performance and is met with a standing ovation. I have chills.

Ah, jeeze. The emotions tonight. The Nipsey Hussle tribute includes John Legend, and DJ Khaled. They showed photos of Kobe.

Alicia makes a crack that if she listed all of Diddy’s accomplishments AND names, we’d be here all night. HA!

Congrats, Diddy on the Icon Award.

If you’re not already practicing your Flamenco after watching Rosalia, I have no idea what to say to inspire you.

Country group, Little Big Town join legendary songwriter Smokey Robinson to present Song of the Year. They perform an a cappella rendition of ‘My Girl’, then read “Bad Guy” by Billie Eilish for the Grammy win. Billie says “This is my brother Finneas, and he’s my best friend.” After thanking friends, family, her team and her parents, Billie turns the mic over to Finneas, who in turn, thanks his girlfriend, friends and team – and encourages young songwriters who are still making music in “their bedrooms”. Billie & Finneas famously wrote her debut album “When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go?” in Finneas’ bedroom at their family home. Billie is the youngest recipient of the award.

A performance from Alicia Keys with Brittany Howard and a floating piano. Mood for the awards. Full on mood.

Ellen is 62? I wanna celebrate my birthday with Blake & Gwen. Just sayin’.

How is it really nearly 11pm and we still have like three awards to go?

Dj Khaled & John Legend are joined by Nipsey Hussle’s family on stage as they receive Best Rap/Sung Performance for “Higher”, presented by a seemingly frail Ozzy & wife Sharon Osborne.

Sharon & Ozzy stay on stage to introduce HER. Sharon says: “I love HER,” & Ozzy quips, “I thought you loved me!” A quick peck on the cheek, and Sharon goes: “I do love him, too.” How I hope I’m this adorable when I’m a senior.

And we’re back with the iconic 10x Grammy winner Bonnie Rait to honour John Prine with his Lifetime Achievement Award. Just Bonnie and a guitar. Incredible. She introduces Gary Clark Junior with the Roots.

In Memoriam always breaks me. So many. And it seems like they have to flip through them faster, and faster. Neil Peart, Rick Ocasek, Marie Fredriksson really got me this year. Pretty rad to see the Preservation Jazz Band to perform right after the montage.

Dua Lipa & Alicia Keys on the stage to present Best New Artist. Dua remarks on the women in the industry: We all deserve a seat at every table. Together, the pair award Billie Eilish the Grammy. The 18 year old says, “Two!! Whooo!” She thanks fans, and her fellow nominees. This teen is having a time. She is owning this show.

How important is Music in Schools? Gary Clark Jr, Misty Copeland, Cyndi Lauper, Camilla Cabo, and others coming together to perform on stage to support music education.

I didn’t even get a chance to think before Billie Eilish snapped Album of the Year for “When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go” and Record of the Year for “Bad Guy”. That girl just cleaned up the Grammy’s. So richly deserved. Let’s remember that Billie & Finneas co-wrote that record, produced it, and delivered it on their own. The merit is totally their own. Tonight, Grammy’s celebrated music.

Congratulations, Billie. Song of the Year, Best New Artist, Album of the Year, & Record of the Year plus her brother Finneas took home Producer. That is a sweep. A well earned sweep.

Till next year, friends.

— c β˜†