Easy as 1, 2, Week 3!

Give yourself the chance to be your own champion. Because you are the critic in your own life. Impress yourself, first. The rest will follow.

Skatin’ into Week 2

I don’t miss sugar, I don’t. Nor carbs, or eating out. I just miss the time I wasted thinking I didn’t have it in me to do something this extreme. But here we are.

this coffee tastes like crap.

If this works, if my committed loyalty to staying accountable to myself, this new way of eating, and remembering that I could be staving off heart or stroke in my later years – then let’s go.

Exactly What You Need

You can choose to go to bed early, opt out of that gathering, take another day to do the laundry, buy your meal through the drive-thru, spend time at the spa/salon/massage clinic and do it without guilt, or sin.

dIvOrCe Remorse?

And finally – after the dust settles – how do I come to terms with saying goodbye to the person I once told myself I’d die for?

the unwitting face on the shadow of society

We, as a society. We, as spectators. We, as the collective. We, as those who read the stories, hear the rumours, watch the news wheels. We have an opportunity to speak up, speak out.