Walk the Nine

You have to be your best friend. You have to be the one responsible for your own happiness. It doesn’t lie in anyone else, but you. And that’s the most we have control over. Everything else is consequence and circumstance.

7th Heaven

And this is how we fared at the end of Week 7. 25lbs down. A half – to an inch off everywhere. And a smile, because, let’s face it. Completed goals feel good. Here’s to getting to under 200lbs.

It Smells Like Six in Here

I can’t sugar coat the program. But I can tell you this is the best thing I’ve ever done. Accepting that I was ready, and prepared to make the leap into actually trying to undue 18 years of damage to my body was the hardest part. Nothing now, and nothing in the future will be as hard as committing to myself.

May the Fourth Be with You

The takeaway is this – to celebrate the good, and the bad, the light and the dark, the wonderment and the let down, you have to have both. Without it, it becomes hard to distinguish between what’s awesome, and what’s okay, and what’s worth working towards, and how did you find the motivation to rise up and keep moving forward.

Easy as 1, 2, Week 3!

Give yourself the chance to be your own champion. Because you are the critic in your own life. Impress yourself, first. The rest will follow.

Nothing but time

Jan snapped this photo last night. This was ten minutes after dinner. The pain seared between my eyes. My ankle was throbbing and burning. The back of my hand was screaming to be scratched; the hives raised and red. My stomach fluttered and surged. “I have to go to bed!” I said suddenly, “I need…

Care to Swim?

Well, no. No, in fact, I’d like to NOT go swimming tonight. Except, I’m gonna. In this two piece, that I’m embarrassed to wear. I wasn’t embarrassed last year, when I bought it. I felt empowered last year. I felt good, and bold, and beautiful. I felt these things because I was on a high…

Sick & tired of being sick & tired

If you follow Care’s page, you’ll know me as J, as her other half, Jan, the guy in all the pics and the guy she blogs about frequently. Most recently, you’ll have been seeing posts about my ongoing battle with diverticulitis. I have a lengthy and painful history with it. I’ve likened it to feeling…

A Message to My Daughter

by: Breanna Bedor  My dearest Grace: A few days ago I walked by you with a basket full of laundry and you didn’t notice me at first. I silently watched as you wrapped a very long tape measure around your little waist. At first I was shocked – what would possess you to want to…

No trek, No Celiac, and No Rest for the Wicked

Why do they offer your lab results online? That seems daft. I actually was a medical office assistant for a few years, and I took classes on things like “immunoglobulin” and yet, I still can barely differentiate from positive and negative. But what I did read, was that I had a negative test result for…