Dance Magic Dance – Week 7, Day 1

The takeaway from this week is actually being content with life exactly where it is right now. It’s not about making peace with the past. It’s not forging forward and musing about where the journey will land me. It’s about right now. What right now looks like for me. And I’m finally at peace with it.

I Get Knocked Down … But I Get Up Again – Week 6, Day 1

Do you know how I know Intermittent Fasting is working? I didn’t gain anything this week. I should have. If I hadn’t been fasting, I would have. Let’s back up. On Monday, and impromptu visit from Kid C’s Dad ended with she and I being stowaways on a trip back home to see my family….

Hungry Like The Wolf – Day 1, Week 5

Let’s face it. Face the January’s. Face the injuries. Face the set backs. Face the world, because you can only turn your back for so long before you become as cold as the winter.

New gig.

Once, someone said: you just feel like they need to struggle because you did. And really, that couldn’t be further from the truth. But I will say this – we have to allow our loved ones, our friends and our family to fall down. Do it themselves. Make mistakes. We can’t do it for them….

vague BOOK ing

I’m the worst for it. And the worst for being remorseful over it. So then I delete it. What is “vaguebooking”? It’s leaving an ominous status on Facebook, that begs people to ask you what’s wrong, or incites overall curiosity. My post today: “Done.” No context, no explanation. Just “done”. And I so rarely post…

You Didn’t Die

Your pictures are hung on her walls. Memorials, and poems, and paintings, and drawings, and all that I see is you in her home. And in his home. And their home. And that arena. I didn’t know you, and I couldn’t have known you, you were gone before I knew him and them and I…

the subtle way to keep it real.

“I just know that when you’re in the middle of a moment that you’re writing exactly what you feel. And that may not have any regard for what may come in the future?” “In what regard?” I demanded. I was hot, and my cheeks were burning. I was red. Red in the face with embarrassment,…

even the strongest sometimes ‘can’t’

I woke up this morning from a devastating dream. I dream every night. Some dreams are so real, and so vivid, that I wonder if I should pen to paper all that I saw and churn out a series of books, or novels a la Twilight. Typically, I have to give my head a solid shake…

Under pressure

“Are you typing?” he asks from the road. “You won’t have a lot of time to finish if you’re not already. It’s a bit slippery out today, and you’ll need extra time to drive in.” “I’m not, and I don’t want to,” I pout into the phone, yanking the covers up the bed. Who the…