Finding Love in the City: Entry 1 – The App Game

“There it is. The little fire sign that gleans at the top of the screen, next to the messenger notification, and the battery life. It shines at you, and your heart skips a beat. “Someone likes you!” it proclaims in its gamey-fashion. The dance has begun.”

the empath life chose me

You have to remember that you are capable of being both – awesome, and not awesome. You can be terrific and terrible. But you must be able to accept both, be humbled by either, and aware of each.

drama llama

But if all you’ve ever known is drama and crisis aversion, how can you possibly be expected to live comfortably when everything is (checks notes) going right? Is that a thing? Is it possible that for thirty seconds – everything is okay?

Where are you right now, in an alternate universe?

Because what my 8-year-old self – the one with the clicky heels on the asphalt, with the big hair, and the credit cards, and the independence she craved – didn’t account for was loneliness. Was success without someone to share it with. Was accomplishments and accolades that threatened to sit idly alone on the shelf, covered in dust.

what’s changed about you?

Maybe you’re just giving in that you were who you were before, and there’s a calming constant in not changing at all. To you – kudos. Because this path of self-discovery I’ve ultimately found myself on is bending, and winding, and intimidating. Dark in some areas. And brighter in others. When we step out after this thing is over, it’ll be interesting to see if the changes stick. Or if I’ll hit the next button on the playlist and find myself in a totally different genre.

Should We Tell Our Partners Everything?

Lemme tell you. Shackin’ up with a mate, movin’ into his place, and suddenly you’re in lockdown when you’re only six months into this crazy little thing called love? Yep, Jan and I are there. And we are relying heavily on our friendship to tow this boat ashore, and hallelujah, we were best friends before…

time makes you older

I had it in my mind to write it all down last night. I opted to snuggle down, hanker down, hide under the blankets with my boyfriend last night instead. And in the safety of his arms, I knew I could write about this today. Yesterday morning was a seemingly ordinary day. I love my…

Is Love Blind?

It seems ridiculous to binge out on a Netflix reality show, and start to justify the authenticity of the concept. Especially on shows like The Bachelor, or this latest beast, Love Is Blind. It’s been a while since a show snagged my attention like this. The last time I remember being this invested was Outback…