Hungry Like The Wolf – Day 1, Week 5

Let’s face it. Face the January’s. Face the injuries. Face the set backs. Face the world, because you can only turn your back for so long before you become as cold as the winter.

It really was a jagged little pill

This time, it felt like I just couldn’t take care of business anymore. I could not handle being me anymore. I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t think, couldn’t wife. The only part that kept me hanging on were my kids. The responsibility to them and my career was all that I left to focus on. The job kept the food on the table. The table was where I fed them. These two factors – my job and my kids – that was all that I was running on. And I was running on clear ass empty.

You can’t handle the truth

Regardless, I feel like each of us will walk away from this with a new perspective on ourselves. Either stoic in the nostalgia of what a year locked down meant for our mental well-being, or grateful that we endured the brink of disaster and came back with a better understanding of how to care for our fellow human. Our partners. Our kids. Our families. Our colleagues.

Should We Tell Our Partners Everything?

Lemme tell you. Shackin’ up with a mate, movin’ into his place, and suddenly you’re in lockdown when you’re only six months into this crazy little thing called love? Yep, Jan and I are there. And we are relying heavily on our friendship to tow this boat ashore, and hallelujah, we were best friends before…

Entertainment Around The Region

Lots going on this weekend as we lead up to Valentine’s Day! Tonight – celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Hillside Inside! The 4 day festival kicks off tonight downtown in the Royal City. Feast your ears on rad artists and musicians as you dream about Hillside this summer! Also this evening – Rhapsody Barrel Bar…

Entertainment This Weekend!

Still looking for what to do tonight and tomorrow? TONIGHT: The Grand River Blues Society winners Silvia Dee and the Boyfriend are having a fundraiser at the Blue Moon in Petersburg. The band was hand-picked to represent Kitchener in Memphis, so be sure to drop into the Moon and drop a few bucks into the…