No Pun In Ten Did

Because frolicking is basically cardio, just a little less rigid and a little more regal sounding. Let’s frolic.

Better 8 Than Never

Overall, that’s almost 10 inches off my tummy, and 7 off my hips. And this is why I accept the plateaus as they arrive. My body is shape shifting in ways I could have never expected. And it’s also why I’m motivated to not sneak that licorice all sort … Why I’m designing recipes that are filling, and delicious. Because the program works.

what’s changed about you?

Maybe you’re just giving in that you were who you were before, and there’s a calming constant in not changing at all. To you – kudos. Because this path of self-discovery I’ve ultimately found myself on is bending, and winding, and intimidating. Dark in some areas. And brighter in others. When we step out after this thing is over, it’ll be interesting to see if the changes stick. Or if I’ll hit the next button on the playlist and find myself in a totally different genre.