No Pun In Ten Did

Because frolicking is basically cardio, just a little less rigid and a little more regal sounding. Let’s frolic.

Better 8 Than Never

Overall, that’s almost 10 inches off my tummy, and 7 off my hips. And this is why I accept the plateaus as they arrive. My body is shape shifting in ways I could have never expected. And it’s also why I’m motivated to not sneak that licorice all sort … Why I’m designing recipes that are filling, and delicious. Because the program works.

A Message to My Daughter

by: Breanna Bedor  My dearest Grace: A few days ago I walked by you with a basket full of laundry and you didn’t notice me at first. I silently watched as you wrapped a very long tape measure around your little waist. At first I was shocked – what would possess you to want to…

Ooo Child, things’ll get easier

“I thought you were 21, 22!” “Ha,” I scoff (21 is generous, early 30s might be a wee more realistic), “I have a kid in college!” Don’t be deceived by over-sized bows and a penchant for knee highs. I absolutely have three teenagers, one of whom is closing in on her final lap around these…