Hurry Up and Heel – Week 8, Day 1

“I hope that each of you get something from these blogs and seeing my desire to continue forging forward, good or bad, gain or lose. Because without each of you reading, following, commenting and responding, it’s easy to lose my way. Thank you.”

Week 8, Day 1 #weightlossjourney

Dance Magic Dance – Week 7, Day 1

The takeaway from this week is actually being content with life exactly where it is right now. It’s not about making peace with the past. It’s not forging forward and musing about where the journey will land me. It’s about right now. What right now looks like for me. And I’m finally at peace with it.

Hungry Like The Wolf – Day 1, Week 5

Let’s face it. Face the January’s. Face the injuries. Face the set backs. Face the world, because you can only turn your back for so long before you become as cold as the winter.

hApPy oNe mOnTh

And when it came down to finally slapping some authentic calories into my person, suddenly, I was unable to get through the entire thing without feeling extraordinarily full. Fast. Then the guilt/excitement settles over you, like a vicious pendulum swinging between the devil and the angel looking down over your shoulder. “Care, what the hell are you doing? You get to EAT. EAT!”

May the Fourth Be with You

The takeaway is this – to celebrate the good, and the bad, the light and the dark, the wonderment and the let down, you have to have both. Without it, it becomes hard to distinguish between what’s awesome, and what’s okay, and what’s worth working towards, and how did you find the motivation to rise up and keep moving forward.

Easy as 1, 2, Week 3!

Give yourself the chance to be your own champion. Because you are the critic in your own life. Impress yourself, first. The rest will follow.

Care to Swim?

Well, no. No, in fact, I’d like to NOT go swimming tonight. Except, I’m gonna. In this two piece, that I’m embarrassed to wear. I wasn’t embarrassed last year, when I bought it. I felt empowered last year. I felt good, and bold, and beautiful. I felt these things because I was on a high…

A Message to My Daughter

by: Breanna Bedor  My dearest Grace: A few days ago I walked by you with a basket full of laundry and you didn’t notice me at first. I silently watched as you wrapped a very long tape measure around your little waist. At first I was shocked – what would possess you to want to…

All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go …

I’m standing here outside your door, I hate to wake you up to say good bye. The Trek, the Crossing Trek, is coming up. Saturday morning at 7am. Tonight, the Army Surplus helped me cross off the last of the mandatory check list. And Jan helped me pile together the food I’ll need to make…