Truthfully, yours.

What matters is knowing that happiness isn’t a perpetual state of being, but a constant strive of mindset.

self-care isn’t selfish.

Take the nap. And the selfie. And extra time when you run through the next drive-thru for a coffee just for you. Use a bathbomb, and read a book, and make time for just yourself. And while you’re at, you’ll find yourself asking: where have I been all my life?

the empath life chose me

You have to remember that you are capable of being both – awesome, and not awesome. You can be terrific and terrible. But you must be able to accept both, be humbled by either, and aware of each.

Help. I need somebody. HELP! (The Beatles were probably on to something.)

Part of knowing when to seek help hasn’t strictly been about being sad. What sadness can masquerade around as is more like agitation, aggravation. Quickly snapping, or feeling anxious. Jumping to quick conclusion, dissolving into tears. Unable to “take a joke”, or even instruction that become misconstrued as “lecturing”. Before you know it, you’re sitting in the front seat of the cab of your truck, bawling your brains out to your husband in a parking lot – unable to tear yourself away from the outpouring of grief, shouting – I just want someone to care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2020, in reflection.

Find the very best in every thing, because that might be all we get for right now. Make the very most of it. And when you find love, capture it. Nurture it. For a desire, a passion, a career, a partner, a home, a life. When you see light, follow it.

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for 15

I’m down just a pound this week, but I’ve carved off more than an inch from my bust, half an inch off my hips and another inch and a half off my tummy for a total of 14.25 inches off my midsection since I started four months ago. See? Something worth smiling for. There always is.

Handle with Care 2019

I have spent the majority of the afternoon updating card after card, site after site with my new address. Who said moving was easy? Or at the very least, entertaining? If we talk about how life is full of balance – good with the bad, then 2019 was yet another year that reinforced how the…

Thank you, 2018.

The jingling of board game pieces floats in and out of ear shot. My niece and nephews are crowded under a blanket, watching Youtube. My brother-in-law pushing away a toy stroller. My sister has the word “hope” spelled out on a dining hutch. It stares at me. Four white, block letters stand at attention. My…

“When You Say Nothing At All”

I have to be up in a few hours. It’s more than likely the reason I can’t sleep. I thought at first it was because I’ve had a gnarly head cold the past couple of days. Or it’s because tomorrow I snuggle my babies off before school. But the truth is, I simply have too…