I Get Knocked Down … But I Get Up Again – Week 6, Day 1

Do you know how I know Intermittent Fasting is working?

I didn’t gain anything this week.

I should have.

If I hadn’t been fasting, I would have.

Let’s back up. On Monday, and impromptu visit from Kid C’s Dad ended with she and I being stowaways on a trip back home to see my family. We realized that with her not having any shifts (or school due to exams), we had a last-minute opportunity to get home and see everyone. Our Christmas had been canceled because of my inability to drive, but now, we had a ride home and BACK to Kingston. We jumped at it.

And it was precisely what my soul needed. Last year, I missed Jayda’s birthday because pandemic. This year, the same situation threatened. But now, we had a chance to actually see her.

I saw my parents, and my grandmother. I hugged and cuddled all 8 of my nieces and nephews. After spending the last month staring at my four walls, breaking free was welcomed.

So, what has any of this to do with Intermittent Fasting?


Because, I don’t know about you, but I absolutely don’t give a shit about diets, and the proper ways to eat when I am spending time with loved ones. When I’m enjoying holidays. When I can shirk the mundane in favour of something that sets my heart on fire. And food comes with that. Gathering, eating, breaking bread – whatever you want to call it.

And we ate.

Cheesecake for Jayda’s birthday. Butter chicken. Leftover chicken dinners with stuffing and all the fixin’s. Sausage Penne with sides of garlic bread. Cool Ranch Doritos and M&Ms. Cake pops during the drive, and White Mocha Lattes. I had cans of pop, and Subway with extra sauce. Pizza on our way home. I unequivocally did not care what the food was. I was having the TIME of my LIFE on this trip with my family.

But I did stick to IF. I stuck to my 16:8 and didn’t deviate. And how I know it works? I did not gain a pound, and I did not gain an inch. I stayed exactly the same. If this had been last month, or two months ago, I would have been up on the scale, and up all over. That’s how my body works. It loves food, and keeps it. Let’s it hang off my hips, and shows up in my face. Pads my belly. Food, and forty – they go hand in hand.

Major props to my sister for this Keto Butter Chicken she gave me, though. Made with spaghetti squash. I’ll post the recipe.

We got home Thursday. And life went back to “normal”.

Yesterday was a follow-up with the doctor from the clinic whom I came to for a second opinion. And the news isn’t grim as it is frustrating. Because my ankle (despite my ability to walk on it, put weight on it) continues to swell, it’s time for an ultrasound followed by physio. We’re now going to be looking at the extent of the damage. And even though I can hobble around, the doctor recommended staying in the aircast unless I find myself unable to wear it (ie: driving or showering). And it’ll probably be at least a couple more weeks before I’m out of it for good.

I really began this year hopeful, excited and optimistic. It’s hard to stay that way when you question why you’re bothering to shower. Or make your bed. When you’re back from holidays, and the adrenaline keeps you alive, it’s like a freefall into a depressive quicksand when you feel like you’re stuck.

And that’s where I was yesterday.

That’s why it imperative to have a solid group of friends, a firm foundation in family, and an excellent trainer. I followed up with Farr through-out the week, and as much as he’s going to get my pitiful ass off the couch, he’s also as concerned about my mental well-being. His job isn’t simply getting me up and moving, in shape and feeling strong again – it’s also taking care of my soul. Listening, advising, encouraging, and supporting. Farr’s approach is mind, body and soul. And simply put, you’ll not be successful if you’re not all in it. And he makes sure that you are. And I can’t give him more kudos than that. Someone interested in your entire well-being. Farr is exceptional.

He and I are also beginning work on my nutritional journey through his program. I’m sure he’ll faint when he discovers how I ate this week. 😉

While I may not have lost pounds or inches this week, I had some major takeaways. I learned that Intermittent Fasting is clearly the program for me until I start burning real calories again at the gym. I learned that my high comes from family – and seeing them was the push I needed to start feeling more like myself.

And I also find myself wholly and entirely grateful again this week. Today and all days. Grateful for Janet & Kevin, taking on driving of Kid C, coming to collect us in Belleville at the end of our trip. Dropping off cheesecake and leftovers and staying for conversation. Being a point of contact when the days get shitty. I’m grateful for Kid C’s Dad, who never hesitated in getting us home for a visit and back again at the end of the week. Grateful to have jobs that provide me versatility in working from home. Grateful to have family that didn’t hesitate when I called and said: “I’m in Toronto! I’ll be there for dinner!” and they just incorporated me into their plans. Just grateful. Humbled and grateful. Grateful to go home and replenish my heart. Grateful to come BACK home, and feel missed, and welcomed.

This week, I didn’t gain. And I didn’t lose. Not in inches or pounds, anyway. I gained perspective, and I lost the doubt that was rising inside of me. I gained confidence, and lost some of the worry that was plaguing me.

This is a journey, after all.

c ★

This week: 196.2 pounds, 41″ bust, 41″ waist, 42″ hips. Virtually no change physical change from last week.

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