Crimson and Clover – Day 1, Week 10

No, I didn’t forget to write a blog post yesterday. I actually just ran out of time.

It’s been a week, lemme tell ya!

And now we’re here, onto Day 1 (technically 2, since I’m posting this Sunday) of Week 10.

For starters, I began physio this week on my ankle. The physiotherapist and my doctor have both reassured me that my ankle is healing, despite how much it continues to swell. And I’m in physio now twice a week for laser and ultrasound therapy. I’m confined to the air cast for at least another couple of weeks.

Additionally, it was Pancake Tuesday this week! I am a sucker for pancakes. So I convinced Jan at Amherstview to let us give away pancakes as our Tuesday lunch special.

And afterward, that meant Ash Wednesday. And whether you practice or not, it mean giving up something for Lent.

In the past, I’ve given up all sorts of things. From refusing to park in the garage at work (forcing me to walk), to alcohol, to pop, to smoking, I have always chosen to give up a vice of some sort. And this year, it’s breads, pastas and rice.

It makes sense for any number of reasons, but primarily because I have absolutely desecrated my ankles and lower extremities with eczema. I was diagnosed with a gluten intolerance back in 2020, and I pay for eating it every. single. time.

In addition to enjoying shakes, it’s time to get clever again with the types of food I can eat. I love wraps. Burritos. Burgers. Subs. Garlic bread. Crackers. A french loaf with butter. But, it’s not feasible.

This is my favourite Brussel Sprouts & Tomato casserole. And it’s so good, it just melts me.

This past week has been a week of highs. A week of excitement, adventure, a reintegration of my life. I announced I’m hosting St Patrick’s Day at Tir Nan Og for the Celtic Kitchen Party. The city is mainly vaccinated. The masks are coming down. I am unbelievably excited to have my windows open today to enjoy the springshine into my house. One week, and we turn back the clocks. One month till flip flop weather.

Wedding season is coming. Longer days are coming. St. Patrick’s Day is coming. Karaoke is back. I’m back. And focusing on me and my kid has made the lead up to 40 feel exciting – not fearful, or frustrating. I am so, so, stoked to see this year through. To get up and rollerskate. Skateboard. Mosh. Dance. Leap, prance, run, explore.

Let the springshine back into your life. This the one we got.

-c 💋

This week:

Down a pound to 194.6, 39″ bust, 41″ waist and 41″ hips.

And a smile. 🙂

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