Get Outta My Dreams … Get Into My Car

86366877_560500441479266_3593236280546164736_nAnd drive.

And while you’re driving, tune into Country 93.5.

I am so, so excited to letchy’all know that we’re shaking things up a bit – a lot – at the station.

I started my radio career with Rogers in 2014. I graduated Conestoga College in May, and I was behind the mic on Country 106.7 in June. (On my birthday, no less!)

By 2016, I became the full-time Network Evening Announcer, hanging out on all our Country radio stations from here to British Columbia.

Last year, I was given the opportunity to try my hand at middays; 10-3pm here in Kingston on Country 93.5.

Monday, February 24th, I settle into a brand new position right here in the Limestone City- Afternoon Drive, 3pm – 7pm.

You guys. I simply can’t contain my excitement. I’m coming up on the dawn of my sixth year with Rogers Radio. I have moved around, tried most positions, learned a whole whack of stuff. Interviewed rad folks, covered rad events, and met even radder people who have become radio family.

I’m so stoked for the challenges this new position will afford me. And being able to try new things at my home station is beyond measurable.

Thank you to my Country 93.5 team, my Country radio family, and to all you dudes who listen each show, call in, leave messages, and hang with me on the daily.

— c ☆

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  1. brendaratcliffe says:

    Congrats Care you are one hard working lady and you deserve so much!! I listen to you all the time on 93.5 and if I am having a bad day all I need is to hear you little giggle your excitement on the radio and it brings a smile to my face. I absolutely adore you never change from that wonderful person that you are . ❤️🌹

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