It’s called Facebook … a place where we can see your Face

In our world divided, what seems to have unified us is our ability to wage wars behind screens. On keyboards.

Remember Justine Sacco? The woman who tweeted an extremely racist “joke”, and before her flight landed in Africa, her entire world was demolished?  Here’s an additional nine more folks who were removed from their places of employment based on garbage Social Media posts.

I had a much longer blog. But, it felt drawn from the spirit of soapboxes.

So Imma step down and just leave the following:

I used to be afraid of online trolls. But what scares me more are the people who aren’t afraid to spread hate through homophobia, discrimination, racism, xenophobia, etc. The people who are using their true-blue, look-at-me profiles to drop vicious online bullying comments, or to share harmful rhetoric. It haunts me that people are fully displaying this anger, like Christmas lights in the night.

How do we remind people that if you wouldn’t say it to their face, you shouldn’t be saying it behind their backs? Especially when the current display of today’s Social Media are people saying – this is me saying it to their face. And quite frankly – I don’t care.

Vibes for peaceful sleeps, friends. In a world divided, look for the light. And remember – people are reading your posts.

— c ☆

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