learn their middle name

and clean the junk drawer

and donate those dresses. the ones that used to fit, but don’t anymore.

unpack that box, and sit there in silence with the memories. the only sound the sound your face makes when a smile cracks your cheeks.

and ask them their middle name.

learn to bake that cake. don’t feel bad for eating it all. breathe in the deep scent of the outdoors through windows you’ve opened wide. and let the breeze chill you. then wrap a blanket like a shawl like a cocoon like a hug.

let them call. let the call last long moments. let it extend to hours.

lay back with your head against the headboard and not worry about the time. or about getting changed. or showering right away. let the hands glide over the numbers. clicking to the next minute. the next moment.

because we keep asking for a pause.

we keep asking for a break.

we keep asking for silence and quiets and don’t say anythings just be still and just be.

now, just be.

and together they were. they would just be until suddenly they realized they were becoming. becoming more aware.

aware of how to pull the plug on busy schedules. aware of how to be together and apart, and simple, and sudden. and someone other than the stressed person of yesterday.

suddenly they were.

suddenly they were.

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