Day 1. Week 1. The road to 135 starts today.

And that starts with a shake.

I thought I’d be plum sick of the shakes by now, kinda like I could go another fifty years without cottage cheese and eggs, but so far, the PB & J-esque breakfast shake that starts my day has been working. 3/4 cup Greek Yogurt, tbsp of all natural peanut butter, cherry flavour shot blended in water has been a god-send. I take it to the treadmill every day. And if I could be as committed to this shake and run to anything else, well, I’m betting I could conquer the world.

I’m on the path to 135lbs. Sounds insane to get down that low – a weight I haven’t seen since high school – but the mission is clear. I have to try and make a real go at losing the CPAP machine. This September will mark two years since I’ve been forced to wear it. And it’s the bane of my existence. I even look like Bane wearing it. It’s frustrating, a nuisance, and while I understand it’s actually keeping me alive – or at the very least, decreasing my chances of a nightly stroke – it’s a pain in the ass. Sometimes it leaks. Sometimes – ah, fuck it. You don’t want to hear it. Just take it from me that you don’t want to wear it either.

I really do look like Bane.

Short blog today. The holidays are done, and my kids are home. Routines begin now. Even Jan has linked up with his trainer Farr to shed what he put on during the pandemic.

If you’re ready to commit to yourself, your health and want to do this along with me, I’d love to include you on my journey. You can simply hang out and read the blogs. Your welcome to join my “Health Care” group on Facebook, you can follow on Insta and Pages, see my knickers progress photos on that site for inspo (message me for the link), and work-out using my Spotify playlist:

It’s a collaborative list, so please add some of your best work out songs. Slow down on the treadmill to Celine Dion. Speed up listening to Sandstorm.

Here’s your tip for this week:

It’s an old trick but a new (and good reminder) to stay in control of what goes into your body by fueling it with food from home.

A lot of people talk about the cost of eating healthy. I understand that. But when you stop eating out, and start portion control, you’ll surprise yourself.

This bacon, spinach wrap with the low cal dressing makes for an easy on the go lunch. Xo

Here’s my work-out jam of the week:

And here’s this week’s motivation photo.

You can if you want to.

c โ˜†

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  1. brendaratcliffe says:

    Omg Care you have finally inspired me I have a appointment this Thursday at Ewyn to see if I can afford their program and I am excited!! You look so beautiful now when I think of you weighing 135 we will not know you. Only because I think you are perfect now!! I have sent a request to join your journey and hoping you accept me to share your journey and hopefully mine at Ewyn as well if too expensive my plan B is just to give up most carbs and sugar!! Keep going you are beautiful inside and out and what a stunning bride you are going to be!! โค๏ธ๐ŸŒนโค๏ธ

    Sent from my iPhone


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