The One With All The Pictures (and one plateau)

Let’s get this out of the way. I am so behind on posting this blog. But since switching to a Tuesday publish, I have found myself crunched for time I’d not be in the past. My apologies.

I’m (now) into a couple of days of Week 3. And I’d seemingly hit a wall. Plateaus are those nasty revelations that pop up when you’re least expecting it and threaten to derail all the work you’ve been putting in. I have not seen below 176 yet on the scale, and that’s pissing me off. And this week, I tapered back up to 179 before dropping back to 177 this morning. While I don’t believe the scale is the be all and end all in means of metrics to quantify weight loss, even the inches didn’t fall off this week. That confirms a plateau.

Although – another revelation from my partner this week that, once again, validates the necessity of a support person. Jan said to me: “You do know that you’re eating differently, right? You’re giving into living a little, so you’re not as restrictive as you were with the weight loss studio.”

He’s right. I mean, the eating program holds a much tighter reign on things like calories, carbs, sodium and portion control. And I’ve been giving into the Renee’s on my salad at work, extra meat in my philly cheesesteak, and the doughball. I’m also not as stringent about when I have my cheat meals. On the program, it’s once every three weeks. I enjoy them where I want them.

So why is it that I’ve given into freeing up my belt (metaphorically) this go, whereas last time I was super disciplined? It’s a culmination of factors, but, again, as Jan pointed out, there’s no “money” this time. When you’re forking over your hard-earned paycheques to a program (like I was when I was with the weight loss studio) it’s easier to stick with it. To be rigid. Especially for a person like me, who’s been wearing the same pair of Doc Martens since she was 16. I’m extremely frugal, and I don’t part easily with my money. To fork it over meant I was committed.

I took Jan’s words seriously.

Well, let’s be real, first I cried, then I got mad, then I told him “I’M COMMITTED!” Then I thought, alright, let’s really see if this is a plateau or my straying away from the eating habits I’d cultivated through the first 50lbs. I mean, hey, I was up to 179 and I’m back to 177, so maybe there is something there. Only next week’s weigh-in will tell, provided I can remain disciplined without any other motivation except for my want to do it.

Also – it is very hard to not eat the incredible food your children bake. I’m just sayin’.

I will maintain this. Exercise is a critical component to this go-around on the journey. For every calorie I slip in, every cheat meal I enjoy, every time I swap sour cream in for Greek Yogurt, it’s the treadmill doing the work. But even I – without any sort of experience as a fitness educator – understand, your body needs a shake up. Allowing it to just stick to routine is eventually going to cause a plateau.

This week, I tried some dance workouts. Holy fuck, they’re hard. Fortunately, I have a son who jumped in for some motivation.

I want to be sure I’m adding in the complexity of mental health while you’re looking at your waist line, or your new chiseled calves, or how your ass looks in your new jeans. I cannot stress enough how imperative it is that your mind and spirit work collaboratively with your body. Stress, anguish, poor sleep habits – no matter how long you run on the treadmill, how many calories you count, if you’re not spiritually or mindfully into your program or fitness, the results will not come.

It was a tough week of panic attacks, and night terrors. The pandemic has thrown the world into a chaos of death, and dying. And for someone who has been diagnosed with PTSD, the daily reminders of those battling to stay alive acts as a trip wire for my anxiety. If you’re also struggling with your mental health, take faith that you are not alone. That tomorrow will come. That there are resources and people to listen.

Switching gears, just a gentle reminder that yes – I am posting progress photos stripped down to my underpants. Haha! If you want the link, be sure to drop me a line.

Food this week:

Spinach Cauliflower Mac and Cheese
BBQ Flatbread Pizza
Butter Chicken with Feta Crumble
Shepherd’s Pie
Philly Cheesesteak “innards”
Flatbread Pinsa
Chicken Fajita with Rice and Salsa

This week’s workout jam:

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This week’s tip:

If you’re not planning to run on your treadmill, set the incline higher. You will continue to burn calories, even if you’re at a slower pace

This week, with the exception of losing some numbers off my bust, I’m nestled exactly where I was last week. 177lbs, 37.5″ midsection, etc. On weeks where I plateau, I try to focus on the silver lining – and that’s that I’m still more than 14″ inches off my waist since this journey began last summer. That’s more than a large sub sandwich, and looking at how much my work-out tank can now fit like a micro mini, I’d say I don’t miss them.

You can if you want to.

— c ☆

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  1. brendaratcliffe says:

    Great read Care and what a fucking roller coaster ride hey?? And you know reading this I truly see the fight but have come to the conclusion that it’s a fucking way of life. Even though I am doing the Ewyn studio if I don’t make life style changes and learn to accept I cannot eat chips or cake cause sista I have lost that god dam 60 lbs so many times and here I am again. Just like being a drug addict alcoholic I am that with food so it has to be nothing and that’s what I fight and feel trapped cause I can’t live and enjoy that cake that pizza because in no time I become that person where I live to eat and not eat to live what a horrible addiction that I have fought all my life!! I eat when I am happy sad depressed want to celebrate seems I do not know anything else. So I will keep fighting and try to stay positive one foot in front of the other I am in a good place right now and I am so grateful to you cause you put me there and I truly thank you!❤️ I hope in time at this studio I can realize I do not need all the shit food to survive and remember even after I am done this program I can forever eat healthy and win this fucking battle once and for all. Stay strong Care lean on Jan whom see to stands behind you and yes sometimes the truth really hurts and makes us cry but I am sure him making you aware that your not eating as well was all for love and concern not hurt God love him!! Don’t be too hard on yourself cause baby you have come a long way and you look perfect just as you are. Ty so much your private page I lean on that a lot your little tips and your recipes keep me going so I do not get in the rut of getting bored with the same meals over and over. I adore you ❤️😘

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