Just a Small Town Girl – Week 9, Day 1

When I started peeling back the dates, I realized this actually the first day of my third month into taking a concerted effort into losing weight.

And I’m up again. Wait, where’s the *eye roll* emoji. 🙄

Actually, there’s a very good reason why I’m seeing the scale shift, the inches not go riding off into the sunset.

Our bodies are inherently lazy machines. They find a routine, and they stick to it. And they start to ease into being extremely satisfied with not putting in any effort, if they don’t feel like they have to anymore. When I started Intermittent Fasting, I saw great strides. Nearly 10lbs in just a few short weeks. Then slowly, nothing was changing.

The hardest part about IF is the mentality around what you can eat during the eight hours you’re fasting. No matter if you fast, or work out, or walk everywhere, if your diet consists of nothing but trash, then nothing is going to work. Ever. You can’t simply fast away the fast food. You can’t just stop eating and start thinking that’s going to be the be all end all. In short, and I’ve quoted this before, but I will say it again: you can’t outrun the fork.

As my body began to plateau over IF, it was time to reintroduce eating at “regular” hours, to jumpstart my body back into doing what it had stopped – working overtime. It needed to be “shocked” and reminded that it has a job to do.

Except, that in my process of shocking my body with a new time frame for eating, I also ate trash for a week. Ugh. Sometimes, I am so unbelievably disappointed in myself. But by the same token – I spent a hot minute really not thinking about the diet, much like I did when I was at home a few weeks back.

This week, I was unequivocally distracted by a boy, who I enjoyed the company of implicitly. And together, we went on dates, and ate food, and imbibed and just generally enjoyed the simplicity of not worrying about calories, or fasting. Just living in the present. Just enjoying life. Enjoying food.

Additionally, I finally found myself inside an ultrasound appointment for my ankle. As it continues to swell up and piss me off, I need answers.

A treatment plan. Am I really going to be relegated to this air cast for another month? Or should it come off? Do I need a real cast? A tensor helped only so much, before I overdid it on Thursday and had to call friends to pick up my car. The swelling after nearly two months is ridiculous. I am anxious for answers, which we should have by Tuesday when I start physio.

To suggest I wasn’t a wee bit nervous about today’s weigh-in, well. That’s an understatement.

This week, Jay and I indulged in food from Raxx, Firehouse Subs, Fat Bastard Burrito, Coffee Way – we had pizza, and spinach dip, and cheese sticks. Tim Horton’s breakfast sandwiches. Yesterday, Wendy’s. Love of God.

It’s both expensive for your bank account, but also for your health journey. I paid a pretty big price this week, it feels, and now I have a lot to walk back.

But, no worries. After my week away from IF, I’m confident my body has received all the shock it can muster in a 7 day period. And now, I’m back to my powershake, ready to plow through month 3.

So how did Month 2 land?

Up a couple of pounds, and one inch on my hips. For a girl who indulged in all the fast food glory she could handle, that’s definitely not the worst of what could have happened.

195.8lbs, 39″ bust, 41″ waist, 41″ hips.

I can handle that. Now back to Love Is Blind 2, back to my powershake. Back to Intermittent Fasting.


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