On An Astrid Plane …

Artists You Should CARE About
Episode 1 – Indie Maven, Astrid Tanton

I’ve been living in South Frontenac, Ontario, for nearly two years. A conglomerate of hamlets, strung together with major country highways, the township is a community all of itself. Live in Perth Road Village? You’re in the community. Your kid goes to a school in Sydenham? There’s your invitation to the group. You get your pizza from the same place your neighbour in the next town over is also ordering from. Everyone pitches in if there’s a fire, or a capesized vessel on one of the many lakes surrounding each tiny town; each work together to find the missing child, or barn raise, or protest township bans on this or that. South Frontenac is a country-sized city of sparsely connected neighbours, rooting for one another.

Astrid Tanton lives in Toronto. The mecca of music this side of the West Coast. But she didn’t start there. She came from a little village in South Frontenac. And the people here are championing her, as she steps out on the prespice of an exciting, propserous career in doing the one thing she loves more than anything else – making music.

Listen to my interview with Astrid below.
She’s an artist you should definitely CARE about .

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