Ce-Celiac, you’re shaking my confidence daily

Every time I go to get checked, there’s an answer.

An answer for everything.

In 2016, it was “stress-induced IBS” likely caused by the strain of divorce, and my not eating properly.

Or at all.

Then there were two EKGs done over two years living in Kingston, where my heartburn and chest pains were so bad, I took myself into the hospital. Stress again?

Now, it’s a “stress-induced” eczema, or nummular dermatitis. And hive flares.

I’ve said on many occasions that I experience “brain fog” – where I drop a word, a vowel, a syllable here and there. Stress again?

We don’t know. That’s the answer. We don’t know. And it could be. It could be stress, or it could be auto-immune. Or it could be an aggravated family of conditions brought on by allergies and childhood asthma.

But now, we’re trying on something else – a month free of gluten.

Today’s allergist appointment went quasi expected. She did the environmental exams – which, I showed positive for everything I already knew (cats, weeds, grass; basically summer), and she agreed that given my reaction to shrimp & lobster that I have an intolerance to shellfish.

But what makes my allergies, or what we think might be allergies is that they’re not really allergies. Not in the medical sense. They’re intolerances, and the only way to diagnose them is through a process of elimination.

Enter a Celiac test. She (the Allergist) is not convinced I have Celiac, and frankly, I have no idea either. But it’s worth investigating, and now I have a req to get the blood test. And despite it being positive/negative, it’s time to go gluten-free and see where I end up in March. Does taking gluten out of my diet, and then reintroducing it cause problems? Is that the root cause of my IBS symptoms? Why I need to know where every gas station washroom is up and down the 401? Why I dread going to restaurants? Could it explain the hives I’ve begun developing on my hands and fingers? Or do I simply have a flare up of recurrent hives?

I walked away with a handful of paper work. For this cream. And that daily antibiotic. And a new inhaler in case my asthma sparks up during a food allergy intolerance, which it’s known to do. A blood req. Instructions on moisturizing. And options for seasonal allergy medications, including getting the shots.

Could this be why I can’t lose weight? Is it carbs? Gluten? Wheat? Is it something else entirely?

Advocate for yourself. I’ve had allergies my entire life. Asthma since I left the womb. I’ve developed intolerances for shellfish, and avocados in my 30s to add to my already gnarly intolerance for peppermint. And now, we’re figuring out the next piece.

While I don’t believe in self-diagnosing, or relying on Doctor Google for an answer, giving yourself some insight though research isn’t a bad thing. And working with your doctors to help you get to the bottom of your ailments is only going to help you find answers.

Gluten free, you say.

Well. It can’t hurt.

— c ☆

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  1. Jessica says:

    As someone who has celiac disease I don’t recommend taking gluten out of your dietwait for the blood test to come back. If it is positive you will need to have a scope done with a biopsy of your intestine (which is the only way for proper diagnosis) you need to be eating gluten proir to that test. And on another note if you stop eating gluten and have to start again you can feel a lot worse then you do now and can mess with the results. If you need information on this there is the celiac association they have a Facebook group you can join and there is a lot of very helpful information and people there. And if you have any questions I am more than happy to answer them.

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