No trek, No Celiac, and No Rest for the Wicked

Why do they offer your lab results online?

That seems daft. I actually was a medical office assistant for a few years, and I took classes on things like “immunoglobulin” and yet, I still can barely differentiate from positive and negative.

But what I did read, was that I had a negative test result for Celiac. Thank God.

It appears – when reading the reference charts, that my igA is still on the higher end of normal, so I wonder what will come of that. Maybe nothing.

In the meantime, GF had me in tears tonight unable to have ice cream we have in the freezer. And listen, I get it, I could run to the store and buy more, but for the love of god. Why are we always like – that’s okay, go buy more. Like, listen, man. I can’t. I can’t just run to the store and replace every frivolous thing I’m weeping over at the dinner table.

So no ice cream. Or ranch dressing. Or bread. Not since Wednesday night.

I’ve successfully rounded the bend on the third day (can anyone else hear Ursula say ‘before the sun sets on the third day (day, day,day) ), and I’ve definitely noticed the lack of carbs in my diet. I’d kill for a wrap. Or garlic bread.

Sticking to protein and cheese basically makes me feel like I’ve inadvertently gone back to Keto. Which did not end well for me last August. Paying attention to my eating certainly has worked over the weekend where I can focus. The work days next week will be the test.

I’m so tired. I can’t imagine how I |would have felt over the trek. But I’ll tell ya, pulling around one half of double A in the snow this morning has weakened just about every part of me. And now I’m actually up late waiting for an old laptop to successful share a movie I spent five hours creating. Such is life.

A cold coffee. A grumpy boyfriend who was too tired to see that I was sending him to bed because he was grumpy and too tired to stay up. A cancelled trek. And three back to back yawns to remind me that I’ve gotta start listening when my body begs me to go to sleep.

Maybe I should forget being gluten free, and head right to the no-stress diet. At the very least, I’d be less tired.

— c โ˜†

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