this coffee tastes like crap.

But holy shoot, the breakfast was actually delicious.

I’m going to try and relegate myself from posting an exorbitant amount of blogs strictly based around this new chapter in my life. Figuring it’s Day 1, however, I figured it a good idea.

Let’s start here –>

That’s probably the hardest picture I’ll ever post. There’s no filter. There’s no slimming. There’s no pretending. That is what it is. And it’s what’s brought me to today.

I’ll be the first to admit – I would have not been successful without Jan. Or make that – will not be. When he and I first became friends, I was acutely aware that he was someone who understood the mechanics of food. He gets the science. He’s not a fool – he’s very aware of when his diet has gone to shit. He knows when he needs to add more greens into our dinners. He prides himself on understanding food and digestion. And without that, I wouldn’t even be able to give myself to this way of eating.

I was really worried about easing off the luxury items in my diet. I’m not a huge fast food person, so removing the convenience of take out wasn’t really something I gave much mind to. But I have Hazelnut creamer in my coffee every morning. It is the one thing I was super adamant I’d not walk away from. But, here we are. A splash of milk and raw sugar, and this coffee has got to be what shit tastes like, should I ever make an educated guess on the matter.

However. Despite not being someone who’s ever weighed her food, this morning’s two egg/1.5 ounce of roast beef omelette spiced with Zest was actually delicious. And I didn’t smatter it with cheese, which has been probably the biggest vice of my life. In fact, the water didn’t even make me want to die, given the “permission” to use flavour shots as an incentive to chop down the required 64oz a day.

So meal one. Day 1. I weigh more today than I have in my entire life. More than I did when I was pregnant with my 9lb 6 oz son. More than I did when I was hopped up on antidepressants with my PTSD. In less than three years being in Kingston, I’ve skyrocketed and packed on nearly 50lbs. They say this’ll be the easiest weight to lose. The real chore will be slugging through the plateau of the back half of this challenge.

While Jan bets that with the extremity of portion control, herbal supplements to boost metabolic rate, and the removal of refined sugars and creams will result in a huge difference very quickly, I’m more just ready to tortoise than hare the next few weeks. If this works, if my committed loyalty to staying accountable to myself, this new way of eating, and remembering that I could be staving off heart or stroke in my later years – then let’s go.

Even if the coffee tastes like shit.

— c โ˜†

p.s. did I tell you Jan and I bought rollerblades? Omg, we’re teenagers. And I’m so excited.

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  1. Tanya Boudreau says:

    So awesome!!! I have faith in you, you rock and you got this!!!

  2. brendaratcliffe says:

    Omg Dolly I am so happy for you!!! It actually makes me excited that I would love to do this journey with you. Is this plan something that Jan is coaching you with or is it a place to join that helps you as to what your meals should be ?? I know you will rock this just because you have that determination that I seem to lack. But having Jan support you and give you that support is amazing and knowing your doing this for yourself and health reasons is amazing because you are beautiful inside and out everyday so wanting to feel healthy is all the right reason. I will 100% be cheering you on and following you on your journey and wish you all the best you got this. Please keep me involved in your journey just maybe it will motivate me watching you succeed. Adore you โค๏ธ๐ŸŒนโค๏ธ

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  3. Teddy says:

    You can do this care! Iโ€™m struggling with weight gain now too. After my surgery in February then covid, I gained 45 pounds! Iโ€™m starting an exercise and diet change monday, and plan to stick to it!! Much love and much support girl!! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’™

  4. Michele Rees says:

    I am going to be checking in with you daily Care. I am on the same journey so I want to make sure we both succeed. Try Davidโ€™s Tea instead of coffee. They even have one that is coffee flavored and it is lovely! YOU GOT THIS!

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