Five Alive

After my plateau in Week 3, my coaches assured that a treat meal would boost my metabolism. There’s a reason they say “trust the process”.

There’s a part of this journey (for lack of a better cliche) that’s become important that I mention. I know many people have been following this with me since I started at the Y last March. In May, my family doctor ran a blood chem and determined that with a “sluggish” thyroid it might be time to try some thyroid medication. Over the months following, I steadily gained weight despite my work-out regimes, and monitoring of my food. By the time February rolled around, I still managed to gain 10lbs in 30 days, even as I went gluten-free to test a potential allergy. The numbers weren’t adding up. And I was becoming inherently frustrated. Though I was never formally diagnosed with hypothyroidism, given the weight gain, it was decided to increase my dosage over the year. Slow increments after each blood culture that still wasn’t showing that my thyroid was anymore than on the “low side of normal”. Eventually, they recommended me to the Bariatic Clinic.

In July, I had enough. I had enough of gaining weight and not knowing why. Of feeling defeated. Of looking at food and gaining 3lbs. I was tired of it. And, with the support of my partner, I trialled off the thyroid medication. I started with my new weight loss program in August. I explained my results to my allergist, and she agreed. If I was no longer on the medication and seeing big strides in weight loss with no real side effects, it is possible I had been medicated for a condition that didn’t warrant a prescription. It is possible that last March when I quit smoking, I naturally gained weight. And with my major lifestyle change, my body wasn’t sure what it wanted to do. And it is possible that for a year, I just gained weight because a specific medication caused an adverse effect. (I want to add that I strongly encourage if you choose to trial off any meds, you do so after you’ve consulted with your physician. I had my suspicions, as did my allergist, that my medication was not working. That’s why I felt confident to let them go for a few weeks. I have been trialling a lot over the past year.)

I’ll be following up with my doc for more blood work in the coming weeks, and we’ll have a better idea as to what is happening with my body. Has my thyroid slipped below the normal level? Or have I sped up my metabolism? We’ll have to see.

This week, I made a concerted effort to really give in to cardio. I’ve really missed the gym, and working out. I know that exercise will be the key to maintaining the weight loss when the program is over. And that keeping up my heart rate (especially for someone with a sedentary job like mine) is going to be imperative going forward. So I’ve committed to at least walking every day, less I run. I’m edging my way back to running full time. In November, I completed an 8km. Now, I’m back up to 2.5k. That’s a start.

Food this week has been a major victory. I wanted to redesign the food that my family was eating. And I did. From stuffed chicken breasts, to breaded chicken, and butternut squash soup, I was devouring my food. And doing it so that I was compliant with the program. I scoured the grocery store aisles for additions to my pantry – No Salt Salt has been a life-savior. And KRAFT has many low-cal or fat free options. Each day, the program permits 50 calories of dressing or condiments. Mighty Caesar has 30 per tbs. So, 1 1/2 tbsp combined with 3/4 cup of Greek Yogurt and .5oz of Parm cheese, with pepper to taste over spinach and onions has now become your Caesar salad lunch. Arrowroot cookies double as your carb + a tasty snack at the end of the meal.

And this is how to WIN at eating. Finding out what you like to eat and making it compliant.

This is the part where I tell you how I did. What the weigh in looked like. How many inches I’ve lost. And I’ll start by letting my smile speak for itself.

Dudes. I’m finally out of the 2+double digits. I fucking did that. I did it. Finally. I’m down 20.2 lbs at the end of Week 5. I lost 5.2lbs this week, and an additional 2″ off my midsection for a total of 9″ lost so far. This morning I tried on my size 12 shorts. And I could do them up. And I cried.

Yesterday, I had Jan snap this photo of me because I was confident I had a copy of it from July when I bought the outfit. I was so excited to have found pants that actually fit. When I went to compare the photos, I realized I had deleted July’s. I was so upset by how my body hung in my clothes, I deleted it. That’s not like me, at all. And speaks volumes to where my head was before I started the program.

For fun, here’s that outfit, snapped yesterday on our porch. Feeling smiley.

Find something to smile about today, friends.

— c ☆

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  1. brendaratcliffe says:

    Care you should be so proud of yourself cause I sure am proud of you it’s not a easy task. But you seem to be in the right place and it surely shows and that’s the key to love yourself and be in the right mindset. For me I am not there and I was there once and right now I think I have been too down to lonely to care and that’s a bad place to be in but I am a fighter love myself?? Gawd I have ever loved me but it will come cause I sure do feel your excitement you are amazing and beautiful inside and out but I honestly think it helps to have a wonderful man in your life that cares and works with you. Keep up the amazing journey you rock. ❤️🌹❤️

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  2. Michele says:

    Well done Sweetie. Keep up the good work. You keep fighting the good fight, one day at a time, 1″, 1 pound and next thing you know… You’ll be living a new forever lifestyle, feeling great and at the weight you feel comfortable at.

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