Cheaper by the Dozen

Oh, it’s the end of month three.

It’s between twelve full weeks of this program.

And Week 12 proved that life continues. Goes forward. There is life outside the program. And sometimes, you have to remember that there is a big, wild world out there that deserves the living.

And you don’t have to make an excuses for it.

On Wednesday, I went in for my final dental cavity fillings appointment. Based on the stress of anxiety I have for the dentist, they decided I should be on some sort of sedation. But, Sleep Apnea prohibited me from being able to be put all the way out. We agreed to laughing gas, but at the last second, they elected for Ativan. Two pills, one hour before the appointment. Trouble was, it was about an hour before the appointment. That left no time to eat, no time to go running home and fry off 4 oz of meat, over a bowl of spinach, laced with low-cal salad dressing. It mean making a split second decision. And the pharmacy was next to a Gino’s, and I have zero guilt in my heart for popping half a pepperoni slice on the altar of not poking a hole in my stomach lining from a twin pair of “make-it-through-the dentist” elixirs.

Friday served as one of the biggest days of 2020, my love life and my career. A trifecta of happenings, I knew I was going out to celebrate in a big way.

Jan and I were engaged on Friday morning.

And later that afternoon, I said goodbye to radio.

So, we celebrated.

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🥂🍾 Cheers to tomorrows. ❤

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I was back eating “properly” Saturday, but. It’s Thanksgiving. And I’m thankful for these wonderful babes.

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My five reasons to be thankful. 🍂

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I’m also thankful for a talented, creative, wonderful fiancée who owns the Thanksgiving feast, which I enjoyed out of my mind.

So on my plateau week, on my week of big days, I gave myself permission to eat food. To love life. To be myself. And I’ll be back on the program tomorrow morning.

Of course, I remembered my supplements. And of course I still love cardio.

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Happy trails 👣 #KidB #MamaSon ❤

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But what I love more is being in control. I controlled these decisions this week. I am in the driver’s seat of my weight loss program, of the food I put in my person. Of the cardio I run, the trails I walk. And, I only gained one pound this weekend.

I dig.

Food this week:

And here I am. The same size as last week, just about a pound heavier.

That’s cool with me.

You got this.

— c ☆

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  1. brendaratcliffe says:

    Omg Care so friggin happy you did all those things gawd you fucking know how to do it all amazing!!!! In some of my weight loss journeys I have met people who would not even lick a spot of chocolate off their finger and lets be real here who is going to live like that the rest of their life?? I did not get this size by eating rice cakes I love food and girl you have that journey down to still enjoy life then jump back on amazing ! There is a time to dance a time to celebrate a time to not eat but you took that time to stop and smell the roses on your bestest weekend. You rock can’t wait to hear about all your new life choices. Good luck on all your amazing life filled choices!! ❤️🌹❤️
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