I Don’t Know About You – But I’m feelin’ 22

Week One of doing it on my own.

One week of making strides on my weight loss journey without any support or encouragement outside my partner and my family. Just me. And a treadmill. An arsenal of weight loss tips and tricks. And a new bottle of herbal fat burning supplements at a fraction of the price. Just some good ole’ simple herbal supplements to keep my metabolism in check.

This week, I gave myself permission to eat properly and eat shittily. Cause that’s a word I invented. I gave myself permission to fuck up by eating too much bread on Thursday, but stayed in control by mowing down shakes and Greek Yogurt. I gave myself the chance to taste test my Christmas baking. But all the while using my fitness app to monitor the calories I was taking in. I gave myself permission to live.

It was a good week. Every day, I’ve been back on my treadmill for at least a half hour. Every day, I’ve remembered to take my supplements. Packing lunches. Not chowing down pizza every shift at work (I opted for a grilled chicken Caesar salad), and lots of water.

And do you know what it produced? Results.

I’m down another two pounds. Another inch off my waist for a full 17″ since I began. As I saunter towards the six month mark, I’ve got a refreshed sense of confidence. I got a new way of believing that I’ve got this. Yes, I absolutely can.

I’ve got a new trainer I’m linking up with in the new year. The intention is to simply quit losing just weight, but instead, start training and developing core strength. I am not satisfied to simply be thinner, but instead, healthier. That’s the new goal. It’s not about weight. It’s about trimming the fat.

February 2020 vs December 2020

This week is Christmas. And I baked goodies. And I love turkey dinners. And Friday, I’m going to eat and be merry without caution, or rhyme or reason. Because as I’m learning to live, I have to be able to manage both – living and eating and breathing and being within healthy limitations. The scale read 177 this week. And the tape measure shrunk an additional inch. But I gained in understanding my body, the way it interprets food and how I plan to fuel it. And that is something I’m happy to carry around.

Food this week:

We’re nearing 6 months. Unbelievable.

You can if you want to.

— c ☆

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  1. brendaratcliffe says:

    Oh Care best news of the day!! I am so happy you treat yourself and living that’s the most important. Have those treats live be happy and some days be strict with what you eat awesome!! My personal opinion is you look amazing and at a awesome weight so just core training is perfect. Dolly I am being totally honest you look amazing when you dress up your beautiful and you should be very proud of yourself where you are at . Enjoy your Christmas dolly love your amazing husband make memories with your wonderful family live love laugh eat and have a nice glass of wine!! Adore you beautiful lady ❤️🌹❤️ Hugs!!

    Sent from my iPhone


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