All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go …

I’m standing here outside your door,

I hate to wake you up to say good bye.


The Trek, the Crossing Trek, is coming up. Saturday morning at 7am. Tonight, the Army Surplus helped me cross off the last of the mandatory check list. And Jan helped me pile together the food I’ll need to make it through the trip.

I’m nervous. And apprehensive. And a week ago, I thought of every reason not to do it.

Tonight, the older half of Double A went through the check list with me. She called out what needed to be packed, and Kid B, the younger of Double A, Jan, and I went through each item carefully. Zip lock this. Fold that. Extra garbage bags. Spare batteries. Do we have a First Aid Kit? No. Do we have every item of a First Aid Kit that can be put together in a makeshift First Aid Kit? Of course we do. This is a family of seven.

Waterloo Region Crossing seeks to raise awareness of homelessness in


Kitchener/Waterloo and Cambridge. And through their donations, they have been able to bring real change to organizations like the Working Centre to assist the vulnerable sector back home.

Heavy jackets. Long johns. Advil, tylenol. Sunglasses. Two pairs. Extra socks.

And perspective. Did the person who had to trek 65km have a warm coat to wear? Good shoes to walk those kilometers in? Did they remember electrolyte capsules for their water bottles? A hydration bladder? Remembering that I’m doing this to help raise awareness is the most important lesson, and the motivational drive to get through the challenge.


The objective is 65km. I’ll be super proud if I make it to 21km, the second tier of the trek.

But the fact that I’m leaping out of the box, into a pair of hiking boots, and ready to hit the trails – well. That’s already success.

I am so, so proud to be participating with Waterloo Region Crossing this year. Follow the trek online at their site. And donate if you can.

— c ☆

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