Stairway to Eleven

And it’s off to the races. We’re rounding the bend of three months. Tomorrow, I jump into Week 12. And I’ve already elected to make some big meal plans for next weekend. My one year with Jan is coming up on Friday, as is my final radio show. It’s a big weekend coming.

Week Eleven has, undoubtedly, been the hardest week thus far. And while I didn’t struggle to put together meal plans – that part is pretty on-lock – I’ve taken on a new gig and training began last Monday. So it hasn’t been what to eat. But rather when and managing my stress load that I’m able to get my meals packed swiftly and efficiently before I’m out the door.


I’m officially part of the Leon’s Family! I’m coming on board as the new Store Manager of Leon’s in Brockville. I’m so incredibly excited, nervous, anxious, stoked – all in equal measure. The staff and management have been brilliant and kind and supportive. I know this change is going to be a good thing for me.

So what do my days look like right now? It’s up at 6am, eat breakfast, schedule my Social Media posts (Daisy entertainment., my entertainment company, looks after four separate clients and their social channels), go for a run, eat breakfast, make my lunch, clean my kitchen, clean my bedroom, have a shower, change and get out the door. First Leon’s for training, then duck out and head to the station for the afternoon. Pick up Kid B and head home for around 8. Make dinner. Work on the Care socials, any left over Daisy business that wasn’t done through-out the day, and head to bed.

Somewhere in there, I squeak in help with homework, dentist appointments, running kids to work, running kids to appointments. It’s a lot, but this is what the fall looks like right now. Tuesday after Thanksgiving I’ll be full time at Leon’s, and I can’t see anything slowing down soon.

I will add this – my step counter has been off the charts. I can’t imagine my cardio struggling with this new gig.

What did I learn from this week?

Well, it’s not all peas and carrots. It’s veering and teetering on stress-outs. And when those moments present themselves, it’s important to recognize them and redirect your energy so you’re not falling apart every time one comes on. Juggling life, and work, and new work, and passions, and hobbies, and a hubby, and kids and family – at some point, it could all fall apart.

I’m paraphrasing, but I read online a quote from one mama where she describes having fifteen balls in the air at the same time. And some are plastic, and some are glass. And sometimes you have to let one drop so the others do not. And it’s prioritizing which are which. My daughter having a wig-out over a math test I’m not smart enough to help her with? Probably a plastic ball. But her feelings and reminding her how smart and talented she is to satiate her fears and bring her back to reality? Glass. That’s where I learning. Which balls are which. Which can fall for now in favour of others. How do we keep the branches of the priority tree well trimmed, and in perspective? That’s the lessons I took away from Week Eleven. Working, and living, caring, and forgiving myself for not being capable of doing it all. I’m giving everything I have, and that’s the shining light.

And I can’t forget my darling Jan, and our incredible kids who have been supportive while I bust ass to get it done. To give me permission to try it all on. My kids who run up with the biggest hugs a person can muster. A son who sends me hilarious tests and videos when he knows I need them the most. The understanding of this family has been paramount. It hasn’t all been bread and roses, but it’s a process. And we’ll come out of this, just as we did a lockdown, blending of two families under one roof and so much more.

Special shout-out to my girl, A, who has been my diary. Thanks girl.

Food this week:

Today, I stepped up onto the scale and 194.8 stared back at me. In just under three months, I’ve turned back time. I’m back to where I was when I started the 90 Day Challenge last year. I’ve knocked off an additional 2.5″ off my midsection, and 2″ off my hips. 35.2lbs down. I still have a long ways to go, but now I feel like I’m starting from where I should have last March. It’s time.

You can if you want to.

— c ☆

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  1. brendaratcliffe says:

    Care Care Care you are truly fucking amazing !!!! You have a lot on your plate right now and all these thing don’t you forget to stop and smell the Roses 🌹 the last thing you want to do is burn yourself out. Once your DJ job is done might help a tad and help lighten the load a bit. Your new career you are going to rock because your personality and charm is totally where u should be surrounded by people fuck I hardly know you and I adore you so I am sure your staff and clients will too. So here’s hoping your main objectives are your job your family and Care !! If no time for gym girl your getting a full workout with all the running and tasks you have. Give your new job time for you to settle and that will help. Omfg congrats 🥳 on you weigh loss your new job your 1 year anniversary with your loveable teddy bear Jan celebrate just for you and him let your hair done and celebrate all your amazing accomplishments Miss Leon !!! I adore you enjoy!! ❤️🌹❤️

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