fighting a muzzle

So how do we balance? How do we quantify what’s really worth whatever energy we may have left to muster up? Which of your convictions are actually preferences, and what of your opinions are more like self-serving desires? How do we know when to pipe up, and when to “let it go”, and are there any brown paper bags anywhere to breathe into when we’re so fired up, we’re going to implode? At least it’s my mouth doing the smashing. I’m not a person who feels the need to throw a plate.

throw away your old bank statements

In the hidden depth of my blocked messages folder on Facebook remains an elephant graveyard of insults. A litany of accusations. Back and forth pleas to stop messaging, marked by “you think you’re better than everyone else” sentiments. I can’t even see the profile of the person in question. They, too, are blocked. And the…