The Subtle Art of Parenting Teenagers

I read once that our words become their inner voice. Language counts. When they stare at the mirror and question everything they thought they knew, who will they hear looking back at them? Make sure it’s your voice reminding them that you love them, that you’re proud of them, and that they only thing you expect from them is that they respect themselves.

Man, am I ever glad I learned Algebra. Said no one, ever.

There’s a reason teachers spend decades honing their craft. They were cut out for meltdowns, misunderstood concepts; the patience of a teacher stretches far beyond anything I can conceivably construct in my mind. They are saints.

Mama, I’m coming home

When he was 9, he made a decision that altered the face of our reality. He pulled up a seat, his legs barely long enough to rest his little feet on the patio stone. “Mommy,” he said, “I want to talk.” And his Dad was there with him. And I knew what was coming. My…

Settling the Score, Part I (Wild Child)

“Settle down”, they say. I’ve heard this my whole life. My whole wild child, big mouthed, drama-filled life. When I was a little girl, I was loud. I sucked up all the air in the room with my big ideas, my “plays” and “productions”. And when I was pissed off, I was louder. If it…